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Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

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Shea St. John

Mission/Goal(s) of the club: This club is designed to support women at DCHS who are interested in pursuing a career in the math and science fields or for those who do not yet know what they want to do and want more information about the math and science fields. Our goal is to help motivate and support women to seek careers in math and science. We will focus on many different aspects of careers in math and science by having speakers from companies, such as Google, Greystone power, and Georgia Power come talk to the club, so we can better understand their fields of work and find new job interests in the math and science fields. This club would be a great way to increase the number of women in our generation and future generations pursuing careers in math and/or science. We are not only interested in informing, we would also like to help students increase their math and science grades by offering tutoring sessions. Please consider the ideas we have for Women in Math and Science and help us continue our path to success.

Membership requirements: Members of the club must attend at least five meetings a year and participate in at least one math or science activity set up by the club or by themselves that is separate from what is required for school.

Dues/Fees: There will be no upfront fees. We will create a shirt for the club, and people may pay for that as they order. Also, if opportunities become available, such as the engineering for women conference at Georgia Tech, people may pay for that if they wish to attend it with the club. Therefore, people may pay for things as they wish, instead of set club dues

Meeting times/location: Mrs. St. John’s room on Monday mornings at least once a month, and there may be more meetings per month if they are needed or wanted.