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Tome Student Literacy Society

DCHS Tome Society Team 2017-18
DCHS Tome Society Team 2017-18

Tome Society is a student literary society through which students enter various competitions based on IT list books they read.  


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The Tome Society It List 2017-2018 High School Nominees are:

  1. Almost Autumn, Marianne Kaurin
  2. Ever the Hunted, Erin Summerill
  3. Everland, Wendy Spinale
  4. Forget Tomorrow, Pintip Dunn
  5. Frostblood, Kelly Blake
  6. Genius: The Game, Leopoldo Gout
  7. Gilt Hollow, Lori Langdon
  8. Heartless, Marissa Meyer
  9. Heir to the Sky, Amanda Sun
  10. Hold Me Like a Breath, Tiffany Schmidt
  11. Ivory and Bone, Julie Eshbaugh
  12. Love and Gelato, Jenna Evans Welch
  13. My Lady Jane, Hand, Ashton, Meadows
  14. Projekt 1065, Alan Gratz
  15. The Awakener, Amanda Strong
  16. The Book Jumper, Mechthild Glaser
  17. The Memory of Light, Francisco Stork
  18. The Possibility of Now, Kim Culbertson
  19. The Scourge, Jennifer Nielsen
  20. What Light, Jay Asher


The mission of  Tome Student Literacy Society is to promote multiple literacies among 4th-12th grade students across the United States through: service; collaboration; competition-based club activities; and clean, entertaining, encouraging literature.


Tome Student Literacy Society (Tome Society) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in North Georgia. Tome Society provides student competitions; an annual It List of clean, entertaining, and encouraging children's and young adult literature; book club activities; curriculum materials for educators; and an annual conference for both students and educators. All activities promote self-esteem, leadership skills, strong values, and nurture critical thinking, creativity, and imagination in the digital age. Our vision is to become a nationwide student organization comparable to National Honor Society (NHS) and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). We are well on our way as our organization has grown exponentially since its birth in 2012. Our dream is to provide scholarships and awards for outstanding student literacy projects through our organization’s competitions and activities.