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Track and Field

Congratulations to the Lady Tiger track team on winning the Etowah Invitational over the weekend! 


Congratulations to the track team members that qualified for the sectional meet on April 28,2018 @ Lakewood stadium. The time schedule is below.

Departure time will be 8:00 a.m. Bring healthy snacks if you are to be there all day. Prepare for any and all weather conditions.



 9:45 am                     Coaches Meeting at finish line tent

10:00 am                   Implement Weigh-In (beside the shot put ring)


10:30 am                   1600m Run (Run as 1 Heat)

Boys Pole Vault


11:00 am                   Boys Discus                                                 

                                    Girls Shot Put                                              

                                    Girls High Jump                                          

Girls Long Jump                                          

                                    Boys Triple Jump                                        


1:00 pm                      Girls Pole Vault                                           

Girls Discus                                                 

                                    Boys Shot Put                                             

                                    Boys High Jump                                          

                                    Boys Long Jump                                         

                                    Girls Triple Jump                                         


With the exception of the 1600M, no running events will start before ALL field events are completed. Schedule may be adjusted, if needed, by Games Committee.


3:30pm                       4X100 Meter Relay (2 Heats)


4:05pm                       400 Meter Dash (2 Heats)

4:20pm                       100 Meter Dash (2 Heats)

4:35pm                       100 Meter Hurdles/110 Meter Hurdles (2 Heats Each)

4:55pm                       800 Meter Run (2 Heats)

5:15pm                       200 Meter Dash (2 Heats)

5:30pm                       300 Meter Hurdles (2 Heats)

5:55pm                       3200 Meter Run (1 Heat)

6:45pm                       1600 Meter Relay (2 Heats)






DAY                                         DATE                                       MEET                                                      PLACE                                     TIME                                                       DEPT.TIME

TUES.                                      1/9                                          CONDITIONING                                     HOME                                     4:00                                                        N/A

MON.                                      1/22/                                      PRACTICE                                               HOME                                     4:00                                                        N/A

SAT.                                        2/24                                       ALL COMERS                                         LHHS                                       9:00 A.M.                                                TBA

THUR.                                     3/1                                          9TH & 10TH Inv.                                       Westlake                               4:30                                                        3:00 p.m.

SAT.                                        3/10                                       WHEELER Inv.                                       AWAY                                     9:00 A.M.                                                6:45

Tues.                                       3/13                                       Grady Classic                                        Grady                                     4:45                                                        2:45 p.m.

Thursday                                3/15                                       Lithia JV                                                 Lithia                                      5:00 p.m.                                                4:00 p.m.

SAT.                                        3/17                                       ROSWELL                                               AWAY                                     9:00                                                        6:45

TUE./WED.                             3/20, 21                                 COUNTY                                                 CHAPEL HILL                         4:30 P.M.                                                3:15

SAT.                                        3/24                                       CARROLLTON INV.                                AWAY                                     TBA                                                         TBA

FRI.                                          3/30                                       FRIDAY LIGHTS                                      AWAY                                     4:30                                                        2:45

SAT.                                        4/7                                          WOLF WARM UP                                 ROME                                     9:00 A.M.                                                6:45 A.M.

TUE.                                        4/10/11                                 Fayette Co. Speed                               Fayette Co. HS                      4:30                                                        2:45 p.m.

SAT.                                        4/14                                       Etowah Inv.                                           Etowah H.S.                           9:00 a.m.                                                6:45 a.m.

TUE/THUR                              4/17 &19                               REGION                                                  LAKEWOOD                          TBA                                                         TBA

SAT.                                        4/28                                       SECTIONAL                                            LAKEWOOD                          9:00 A.M.                                                7:00

TH.-SAT.                                 5/10> 12                                STATE Meet                                          CARROLLTON                        TBA                                                         TBA

THUR.                                     5/17                                       AWARDS                                                B & G CLUB                           6:00 P.M.                                                N/A










Here's the information:


Track store will re-open on February 26th and remain open until March 12th.  Orders that were placed during the first 2 week window should be here on March 8th.


Girls that ordered 4 inch track shorts . . . these are on back-order until the middle of March. They can see AJ Johnson to order the 7 inch shorts in place of the 4 inch ones (if they want to change from 4 to 7 inches) . . . but must see me by the end of next (March 2nd).  If they order the replacement 7 inch shorts . . . they will arrive on March 8th with their initial order. 



Respectfully submitted,
Arnita Johnson, Ph.D
Science Faculty
Douglas County High School