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Competition Cheerleading

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Congratulations to the 2018-19 Cheer Teams!!!

If you made the team, please complete the Google Form below by April 4th. Fittings will be on April 13th and a team meeting will be held April 16th, specifics to come soon! (We will not respond to emails or calls in regards to cheer until after Spring Break)





C/SP1 Abigail Adjei


C/SP10 Melanie Reese


C/SP13 Rickeya Hands


C/SP14 Scotlyn Sims


C/SP16 Taylor White


C/SP17 Victoria Hamler


C/SP18 Emily Douglas


C/SP2 Amillion Etienne


C/SP4 Diamond Church


C/SP5 Jaelin Nembhard


C/SP6 Kamaya Partridge


C/SP7 Ken’dia Whigham


C/SP8 Kendra Adjei


C3 Ashley Thaler


C6 Raegan Claunch


CP1 Alyssa Gourdine


CP4 Kamryn Wham


CP9 Lily Hart


SP1 A’skiya Minor


SP12 Dana Denkins


C/SP 11 Nicole Roderiguez