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Cynthia Aleman Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
PIB Spanish II, Spanish II


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish from the University of Texas at Austin.  I've  taken courses through the Defense Intelligence College in Washington DC.  I'm also qualified now to teach the International Baccalaureate Program.


Spanish teacher          Arbor Station Elementary School          1999-2002

Spanish teacher          Douglas County High School                2002-present 

Prior to teaching, I worked ten years for the Defense Intelligence Agency with assignments to the American Embassy in Brazil and the Pentagon in Washington DC.  I have taught the pre-IB Spanish II class since 2006.


I'm originally from Austin, Texas and was raised bilingually speaking Spanish and English. I am also fluent in Portuguese. I have lived in Georgia since 1994. Before coming to Georgia I lived in the Washington DC area and overseas in Brazil.

I enjoy travelling and have been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Paraguay, Spain and Portugal.  I once landed on Guantanamo, Cuba on a military flight. However,  I would really like to visit Cuba and include it as one of the places I have visited. My ambition is to travel to as many Spanish speaking countries as possible.

I like to sing, read and take long power walks with my dog while listening to books on cassette.  I also like to work with kids of all ages.