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Subjects Taught
10th grade Literature

Mr. Letts is a graduate of St. Bernard College, Cullman, AL.


Mr. Letts begins his twenty-ninth year teaching high school English with the 2011 - 2012 school year. He teaches 11th grade World Literature and Composition. Mr. Letts has also taught British (Senior) Literature and Honors British Literature at Chapel Hill High School.

Mr. Letts, in addition to teaching high school English, has also spent fifteen years in business as a Director of Training and Director of Field (Insurance) Sales.

Mr. Letts' company,, Fixwrite (, is a full service writing company wchich specializes in editing and proofreading services. Call us at (404)861-6866.

World Literature and Composition is a thematic survey of literature from around the globe. The three primary outcome objectives of the class are helping students:

  • Drive their transcript grades up as high as possible;
  • Pass (Plus) the Geiorgia High School Graduation Writing Test, late September; and
  • Pass (Plus) the Georgia High School ELA Test (Spring, 2012).

 Three keys to passing World Lit and Comp with Mr. Letts are:

  • Come to school every day
  • Act right
  • Keep up with our class notebook...essential.



Mr. Letts is a native of Atlanta. He began his teaching career right after college, made a career change arfter fifteen years into the business world, and has returned to teaching. Mr. Letts taught at Chapel Hill high school for five years before moving to DCHS.