Subjects Taught
Accelerated Geometry and Algebra II, AP Calculus, Geometry


B.S. in Mathematics from The University of Southern Mississippi

Master's of Education from The Unversity of Mississippi (Ole Miss)


I have 12 years of teaching experience.  The past nine years have been spent teaching the wonderful students at Douglas County High School. My first four years were spent with the North Panola School District in Sardis, MS, where I was named Teacher of the Year for the 2007-2008 school year. I have taught just about everything from seventh grade math to Calculus. This school year I'm looking forward to contiue teaching the Geometry course to 10th grade PIB students and accelerated math students. Also, I will be teaching AP Calculus for the first time.


I am a native of Mississippi. I taught there four years before moving to Georgia in July of 2008.